Monday, December 28, 2015

I am baccckkkk

Assalamualaikum n selamat malam...sbb sini mlm ;)

Phewwww.....mmg lama x sentuh ini blog. Well, mcm biasa la alasannya..busy, sibuk, hectic bla bla bla segala duniawi. Heee..Alhamdulillah, masih lagi diberikan peluang utk bernafas di muka bumiNya dan dalam keadaan yang sejahtera penuh dgn nikmatNya. To be honest, when I wanted to sign in into my account. I forgot my own password! Gosh! Punya lah berzaman kan. Last entry was in September and it was ages.

Mcm gini lah, now I am back in Southampton utk mengadap knights of my round table (bukan King Athur punya geng ye) a.k.a my supervisors team. Chop! I am not here for viva yet, still far but not that far. InsyaAllah. Please pray for me ye kawan-kawan. I have to come to settle few things too. Hopefully, dengan izin Allah, I can finish what I have started in the first place dgn jayanya sejayanya...Then, I have to left behind the loves one again for nearly three months...Pheww..thanks to my abang for his endless supports and kids..for being understanding that mama has to leave all you for awhile. Yup.

So, bila dah balik kampong no 2 ni. Ada few things yg I have to do and I have a checklist that I wanted to do. Biar je lah gambar-gambar berbicara ;)

My die hard friends

Yummeh, easiest way to cook nasi daging.

My favourite spot (IKEA, Southampton) and favourite English vegetarian breakfast
(Halal...n meatballs mcm kat Damansara tu...x halal ye)

My routines- waiting for the bus utk pulang....

Elfie and me in Hartley Library

one of the old and original building within UoS vicinity.

Hartley Library dari sisi & that tugu is actually an ancient clock

Fav seating at IKEA. From afar, the Southampton Port

Sessi mengkopi at Café No 1, Portswood

Orang lama Soton, Dr. Sri my Indonesian friend.

Hahaha...toilet selfie :P

My dreamy fruits delights Waffle!
Sprinkle Gelato...among the thing that I missed most!