Thursday, November 8, 2018


Oraits………… It is a record since I posted twice in a day!! In the era where fb n ig conquered..It would be rare to write in a blog as frequently as I did today. Hahahaha…. I am also impressed with myself for doing this...
But I need to find solace to be able to express myself freely without having worries that others might judging me. Coz I believe that not many people are into blog walking nowadays.

Ok....I don't care about being perfect anymore. All I care is to finish...Finish and get though with it...Yeah.... May my motivation stays stronger till the end of the road..Ameen..You go girl!!! Be the girl that you used to be.. I have faith in you that you still have that strong wills and brave enough to face all challenges no matter what...IsyaAllah


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Happy November and we are left with less than two months before 2018 bids it farewell.
What do we have achieved so far?
How many memories have we cherished?
How many people that we have lost?

Yup..... There are so many questions in my mind right now. To be honest.... I am happy with 2018 so far regardless of hiccups here and there. There were many times I had these negative thoughts of quitting and ran away from what I have started. Luckily, I kept on telling to myself. I need to finish this off for good or I will regret for not doing it for the rest of my life. Yes, I should have never doubt my own abilities and strengths. I am so blessed because I have been surrounded by positive and great individuals to keep on cheering and giving me endless supports from the beginning till now. But, there are many times, I have brought myself into this ugly situation. Nevertheless, Allah is always there to guide and gives His supports and endless loves. Hasbunallah Waniakmal Wakil. Who are we to question His Mercy.....

Overall, I am so thankful and blessed.Alhamdulillah…..

Yes....I need to finish this journey for good...I am targeting that by February, 2019... I can have my long waited freedom...InsyaAllah and I can start a new chapter of life. IsyaAllah