Thursday, December 10, 2009

King of the Jungle!!!

After watching the series for almost 3 weeks...The King of Jungle was announced and the winner was Gino D'Acampo...yeaahh...within everbody's expectations i guess...including mine...he was the favourite even among the celebrities themselves..aiyeee!!!..last friday, he was crowned The King...and the 2nd runner up was Kim Woodburn....also known as Queen of Clean from her well-known TV series "How Clean is Your House?"...i'm absolutely happy and thrill that Gino won the tittle..he deserved it!!! he was genuine and his happy go lucky characters were entertaining...especially when he spoke with his italian accent..really spiced up the camp based atmosphere...Fantastico!!!!!
The best part was when he cooked special meals for the whole camp based members...not one or two meals..but through out the whole series...he managed to bring salt into the jungle without people noticing it...till end of the wonder he was able to prepare delicious meals even when there were not enough ingredients in camp!!! even a rat dish can be so yummy!!!! is true that salt is the essence of a meal..Gino kept on saying that they need salt....In one of P.Ramlee's famous movie..Ahmad Albab...P.Ramlee emphasized that salt was the most important ingredient in any meal..without salt, any meal would be tasteless....back to the Gino's salt story...the TV crews were shocked as well...looked as if that they were played by Gino!!! so the next series, they will be come more strict and cautious on celebrities..
I dont have anything against this celebrity...but i m happy that public voted 7 times for her to do the Bushtuck trials...hehehe...till she made the decision to leave the jungle...I can agreed more than what Kim had to say...that this one particular celebrity is an attention seeker..especially if it will give her $$$$$$ in returns...but after all, that is what celebrity is for ;)
Yess Gino....Fantastico!!!!!

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