Thursday, July 22, 2010

Special dedication to our little fighter...

Hey you welcome to town,

We are your parents, why the frown,

Music to my ears your cry does sound,

Get well you will, just stick around,

Breathe in the air, heal your body,

Dont mind the doctors, they'll treat you gently,

Rest will you need, you'll need it greatly,

I know it hurts, i feel for you dearly,

A short course in life, let me impart,

Might as well listen, so let me start,

Listen to your mom, always have her in your heart,

Say thank you always, dont try to be smart,

As for me, I am your dad,

I might go crazy, you'll feel you've been had,

Keep this in mind whenever you are mad,

I could whoop you hiny, that could be bad,

I wrote this in facebook, down in our basement,

In my time it was hot, it was an amazement,

You put up a pitcure and wait for a compliment,

or brag about something while not being to blatant,

When you read this, just have it in your head,

We had to punch down on keys to have things said,

It took ages to write, my fingers bled,

But for you its worth, so i thought ahead,

In case you can read this in the near future,

Know we are proud that you were a fighter,

Guide us thru in the hereafter,

One day i know, we all be together........

Written by : Abah....

16th July, 2010

Southampton, UK


Min said...

cutie, cutie little hand... a very nice thought to your little fighter. indeed his a fighter... Insya Allah! all the pray for baby Haikal. He'll be fine!

Sumaiyah said...

"a special poem..written by a great parents just for a very precious son"..really touching..Tahniah to both of you..

Sumaiyah said...

"A special poem..written by a great parent"..really touched my heart..really my dear friend..InsyAallah both of you are strong enough..thats why is the fighter..Tahniah!!Hug and kisses from Aunty Mayyah

hana.basri said...

may haikal become the sun that shine the world with his full of happiness & joy.. keep on praying, keep your strength, keep on believing.. insyaAllah the pain will end soon.. (^__^)

princessGarnet said...

very touching.. saya terharu
be strong to all of u

Anonymous said...

What a lovely thought for a son, written by abah and mommy who have been steadfastly by your side since you was born..haikal, u are a fighter and everything just gonna be fine..insyaAllah..
All the pray for you..

Eeta N said...

tahniah Dura & Bad...take care yeaa
-from all of us in Taman Mesra, Kajang-

aishah said...

Berair mata baca poem Bad nih.. tak sangka aku berkawan dengan sasterawan rupenye selama ini..