Monday, January 10, 2011


the Autobots
the ultimate machines

dont forget.....
the handy "manual kitab" to study and
endless recipes to follow

the "must wear" uniforms ....
for safety ;)

The menu & the utensils...
ready to go!!!

Result = One Happy Customer!!!

"Happy Weaning!!!"

: 07012011


Lati Andy said...

congrats with your new mamam!!!

sgt la best bg baby mamam...esp dia bukak mulut utk apa saja...hehehhe

chah said...

Wahh..all set for weaning..hihihi, lengkap tu sume. bagus..bagus..bertuah Haikal dapat 101% attention from mummy & daddy die.

Min said...

wah! haikal dah start weaning! selamat mengkreatifkan diri ye mama!