Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dari dalam mobilku..

"Mata" London....

Sapa nak study sini..angkat tangan..

arts display at the banks of Themes River. ala2 mcm kat Paris gitu..
high street...cant recall the name..huhu..
so many high streets in London coz London is soo big!!

the renowned Harrods with all the bling2 lights..
another London landmark. The Ritzs for the rich and the famous..

an alternative ride in London other than the double decker hop on and hop off buses.
Tralfagar Square at far...it never fail to attract people from climbing those giant lions..
interesting views though ;)
where are all pigeons gone nowadays???
another giants in the middle of London. The billboards!!
spot any interesting in this photo??
when we first came here, thought that the bridge is the famous London bridge..Naaaa,
we were wrong that time and have been crossing the bridge countless time for the sake
of finding the London bridge. Later, we found out that that the bridge is the renowned Tower Bridge..
lalalala...here we go again. The question is, where is the London bridge?
opsss, forgot to snap photo of it..Next time perhaps..
anyone wanna a ride?? you can just let the bike easily in London..
Last 2 weeks, London again after 3 weekends in a row. hmmmm..this time, just went there to pick up my MIL after her cake shows event in London Excel. Before we can reached her, the traffic jam was that bad and took us nearly 2 hours to London Excel. Ironically, we reached London at 4.15pm and by the time we reached London Excel. It was already 6.15pm..hmm please do the calculation ye tuan2 n puan2 n cik2..hehehe...and sgt lega, last weekend we went to somewhere else other than London..
Pheeeewww....to kill time, i randomly took photos along the way..Enjoy while it last.. 

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