Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hasil MH

Ni Muhammad's creation masa dia sebelum dia masuk EYC. He was 2 1/2 years that time.

Bracelet for his mama in September, 2013. He made it with helps from his teacher at pre-school. He was so proud with his creation that he made me wore them everyday!!! Interestingly, those beads glow in the dark.

Muhamad's wall of fame. Tiap kali buat craft or drawing, akan ditepek di sini...some of it, I have already removed sbb tersangat ler berserabut.hohoho...kot mana yg dah lama, dia x perasan. Hehehe..and some of them, were removed by cik Ilmi. Courtesy from his little sister..pastu pakat gaduh.heheh

He loves car very much and keeps on drawing them whenever he can. Once he is done with his drawing, he will write down his initial HM.
May you become anak soleh, success in dunnia' and akhirat,  and grows healthy

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