Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Berbaik sangka....

Deal all,
my late mom (al-fatihah) used to tell me countless times on the topic of being nice and kind to others. In the sense that, regardless of what people might think of us. We just continue being nice and kind to others. Always try to give something or sadaqah to those who needed it the most. Try your best of not letting down others' hopes. Even by dropping in RM1 in the mosque box also considered as sadaqah. Sadaqah doesn't have to be in the money form, but it could be anything. Our 'kudrat', our things or whatever that you could possibly give to others and they can benefit from it. The best way is to give our most treasured things. If you don't reach that level yet, we can start it off by giving whatever that you are comfortable with.

When I was a bit younger. Now, I am still young. Young at heart. kikiki... Wink wink wink. I don't really get the message. Bad huh? I heard the message since I was small even from the primary school. Ustazah always told us to do so. But..the urge was not there. My eyes were blind so with my heart...huhuhu...I just did it whenever I felt to do so. I am not as generous as I am now. I will be hesitated, when it comes to help someone who is not within my circle. Bad huh?! It's like opening skeletons in my closet. (tutup muka jap) Later in life, especially in my UK life phase. Things changed drastically and dramatically. I admit that I am not really a good and alim sort of a person. With His Guidance, I started to view life differently. Thanks to His Ujians which led me to think, the meaning of life and the afterlife journey. Alhamdulillah.

I've started to indulge myself into the meaning of sadaqah and to be honest. The feeling is indescribable and out of this world. Dasyat x ayat? hihihi... The impacts are also beyond my expectation as a human being. Subhanallah. Now, I really put my trust in Him in everything that I do. If anything bad happened, I believe that it is a way for Him to show my mistakes and repent my sins. If good things happened, I should always be thankful for everyhing that He gives to me. Never in a second moment, thing happens without reason. MasyaAllah...There will always answer to every question. Belit2 kan ayat I..hahaha..

Talking about sadaqah, it happened to me countless times. I just gave whatever I have, eventho in my bank account the balance showed less than 10 pounds. Later that day, Subhanallah.. I received money from the unthinkable source. Guess what happened? I received loans that I gave to a friend and the person haven't contacted us for years! Not only that, many incidents happened when I almost gave up and no means to deal with. I just pray to Him and let Him show me the way. Alhamdulillah, Allah send His helps. The key to sadaqah is just do it and have a sincere heart when practicing it.InsyaAllah...ok dokie...i just got good news today...after I believed that, the hope is no longer there... :) Have great time people and never let yourself down by not giving back to others. You might not guess, what might happen to you today..Good thing for sure :)

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